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The Manchester Terrier

The little Dog wit the Big Bark

Origanallly bred as a ratting dog The Manchester Terrier is rarely worked and more often found as the ideal family pet. They are very loyal to their owners and their Family and therefore an ideal guard Dog. Often called `The little Dog with the big bark`.

They are easy to live with in the house. I never yet heard of a stranger capable of slipping past a Manchester Terrier unnoticed, but for a dog which has such a boisterous nature they are without doubt a child´s dream companion as well as an adults. Many mothers will tell you that if the children and dog give them the slip, they will always find them together, and if either are asleep, more often than not they will be curled up together.



A Manchester Terrier, intelligent and obedient, will make themselves a member of the Family and demand to be treated as one. Compared with other breeds, the Manchester Terrier needs very little grooming as they have a short and weather proof coat. No trips to the local beauty parlour for him, no hair for the hoover, all over the carpets and furniture for you. Because their molt is so insignificant the Manchester Terrier is  ideal for those who suffer from ashtma and hay-fever.


Fast Full-grown

At the age of 3 weeks a Manchester Terrier doesn't look like the finished product, exept that they have all their colour and markings. By 5 weeks, one can very plainly see that the puppy is indeed a Manchester Terrier. At 9 months a puppy is just about full-grown and usually very near the finished product. So for people who like fast developers, in mind as well as body, the Manchester Terrier is ideal. In fact they are often referred to, as the dog for the ïnstant age".


On the way

If a Manchester Terriers is kept clean, warm, dry and well fed you will find he is happy and content as long as he has your human companionship. It doesn't cost a lot to feed him either, as they are small dogs. As for excercise they want as much as any dog their size. But if it is raining, or you don't have the time to go for a big walk, a Manchester Terrier will be quite happy to stay at home, as long as he is with his best friend. They adore company and thrive on companionship. They are a true pal.


General appearance

In general appaerance the dog shall be compact, with good bone. The Manchester Terrier is an elegant, smooth moving, manoeuvrable dog. The head is long and small , wedge-shaped with little dark and fiery eyes that should be almond-shaped. The ears are small en V-shaped, carried well above the top line of the head and hanging close to the head above the eyes. The neck shouls be fairly long and tapering from the shoulder to the head and slightly arched above the crest. It must be free from throatiness. The chest should be small and deep. The body should be short wih well sprung ribs slightly arched and well cut up behind the ribs. The lenght of the legs should be in harmony with the body (square-build). The tail should be short and set on where the arch of the back ends, thick where it joins the body and tapering to a point. The tail should not be carried higher than the level of the back. The colour of the coat is jet black and rich mahogany tan distributed as follows: the muzzle to be tanned to the nose and nasal bone jet black. There shall be a small tan spot on each cheek and above each eye. The underjaw and throat to be tanned with a dinstinctive tan "V". Legs from the knee downward to be tanned with the exception of the toes which shall be pencilled wiht black, and a dinstinctive black mark (thumbmark) immediatelly above the feet. Inside hind legs tanned but should be divided with black at the stifle joint. Under the tail tanned but as narrow as possible so that it is covered by the tail. A slight tan mark on each side of the chest.



The Manchester Terrier are believed to be ancient and was originally known as the Black and Tan Terrier. Various theories have been put forward as to the original breeds used in the making of the Manchester Terrier. None have been substantiated, except that it is known that the Old English White Terrier, the rough coated Black and Tan Terrier, with a dash of some smaller breed might well have been the breeds ancestry. Because of their varied background, we still have problems breeding for type today. One is never positive what one will produce, when mating their bitch, as occasionally when puppies from the same litter have grown to be adults, they can look so very different to the educated eye. In fact it can sometimes be difficult to believe that certain puppies have come from the same litter. Size is perhaps the greatest variable. The breed is mentioned in books in the 15th century. The first stud-book listed him as Black and Tan Terrier.